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  • Thinking About Skipping the Flu Shot for Your Family this Year? Think Again.

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    The American Academy of Pediatrics News magazine just published some advice about the flu vaccine, just as the flu season is getting started. It is not too late to protect your family and our office is open for appointments during the holiday season. Call our office or book your appointment online to get yourself and your kids vaccinated and protected from the flu this season. From the American Academy […]

  • Tips for Protecting Your Family From the Flu During the Holidays

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    Missing school, holiday activities, and family events due to illness is no way to spend the holidays and while you can never protect your family from all illness, you can protect them from the flu virus. By getting your family vaccinated early in the flu season, you can reduce the chance of illness running through your house during the holidays and protect your kids from bringing the virus home […]

  • Flu Vaccine Research Study at Pediatric Center of Round Rock

    Flu Research Study at Pediatric Center of Round Rock

    The Pediatric Center of Round Rock and Tekton Research are working together to find more effective vaccines to protect our families from the Influenza virus. When your child participates in a clinical trial, all study-related vaccines and office visits are provided at no cost and qualified participants will be paid for completed visits. If you’d like to know more information about how you can qualify to participate in […]

  • Flu Vaccines Now Available at PCRR!


    The Pediatric Center of Round Rock is now administering the FLU vaccine to all of our patients. Any infant and child over the age of 6 months is a candidate to receive the flu vaccine this winter. Each season we hear from parents who believe that they do not need to vaccinate their children for the flu, but statistics prove that the flu vaccine works and saves lives. […]

  • Is it the Flu or the Stomach Flu?


    Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again where the flu virus is rampant. As the weather begins to change, families are spending more time inside where germs can spread easily. The two most common viruses during the flu season are the Type A flu that can be prevented with a flu shot and the stomach flu. How do you tell the difference between the the flu and the […]

  • The Top 10 Flu Myths

    Flu Season

    Flu Myth #1: The seasonal flu is harmless The flu sometimes causes more than missed school and work days. The virus hospitalizes 200,000 people and kills 3,0000-49,000 people every year! That’s close to the number of women killed by breast cancer every year. There is no need for hospitalizations and deaths because the flu can be prevented with a simple vaccine or nasal spray. Flu Myth #2: The […]

  • Tips for Preventing Colds and Flu This Season

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    In order to stay flu-free this flu season, make sure to call us at 733-5437 or book your appointment online for flu shots as soon as possible. We have packed this article with tips to stay healthy and advice if you do get sick. There are many myths surrounding flu vaccines, but having your family vaccinated against the flu every year is the best way to prevent lost school […]

  • Flu Shots Available for the Entire Family at PCRR

    flu shots at Pediatric Center of Round Rock

    Did you know you can bring your whole family to the Pediatric Center of Round Rock for your annual flu shots? In order to stay flu-free this flu season, we recommend that you book your appointment as soon as possible. We have packed this article with tips to stay healthy and advice if you do get sick. The Right Way to Wash Your Hands Put your hands under […]

  • The Flu Vaccine Season is Here

    School has begun and your child will come in contact with viruses everyday. Protect them from the flu by scheduling an appointment for the flu vaccine for this season. The vaccine is recommended for children over 6 months of age; we are also providing vaccines for patients and other family members. Children younger than 9 years of age need two doses of the flu vaccine, one month apart, […]

  • Tips for Having a Flu Free Winter


    The winter season is often the busiest time of year. With an overload of work, school, church, and holiday events, eating healthy and protecting your families immune system is rarely a priority. However, paying close attention to your families health is particularly crucial during the winter months. Why? Because low temperatures and weather changes create the perfect environment for the spread of viral infections, especially the flu. Everyday […]

  • Flu Season Alert: Vaccinations Protect Against Child Fatalities


    The most common time of year that seasonal flu outbreaks occur is Fall through early Spring, making the winter months prime-time for contracting the virus. Although it’s not always thought of as a serious or life-threatening condition, various versions of the flu spread and affect people differently, ultimately raising the risk for complications. As flu season approaches here in Central Texas, it’s important to become educated on last […]

  • Protect Your Family From the Flu – Schedule An Appointment for Flumist


    The  Pediatric Center of Round Rock  just received shipment of Flumist vaccine, the intranasal form of the flu vaccine – no shots required! This year we want to start early by administering Flumist first to those who prefer it and don’t have any contraindication to the use of this form of vaccine. Flumist can be given to those 2 years or older, all the way to age 49.  […]