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  • Health Alert: Austin Baby Dies of Whooping Cough

    Vaccinations prevent Whooping Cough

    Last week a one month old baby died in Travis County after being diagnosed with Pertussis (Whooping Cough). The infant was too young to receive immunizations, which start at 2 months of age, and the diagnosis was delayed because of the non-specific symptoms characteristic of the first stages of the disease. [WATCH] Keye News came by my office to interview me about the safety of vaccines.  Whooping cough, or Pertussis, […]

  • Protecting Children from Skiing and Snowboarding Head Injuries


    Heading for the hills for some skiing or snowboarding? Insist that your child wears a helmet. Protective headgear is one of the most important things children (and adults) can wear to prevent serious injuries in fast-paced snow sports like downhill skiing or snowboarding. Spring-break week is approaching to Central Texas and other states. Many families are preparing for a trip to the surrounding areas to enjoy a variety of snow sports, which are […]

  • Why Parents Should Avoid Giving Infants and Children Raw Milk

    Babies and infants should not drink raw milk

    Recently the American Academy of Pediatrics published an article about consumption of raw milk products in the January 2014 edition of AAP News. In the article, the AAP recommended that infants, children and pregnant women should not drink raw milk or eat products made with raw milk because they can cause illness or death. Finding raw milk products is becoming easier these days; they are in Farmer Markets, Organic […]

  • Health Alert: E-cigarettes Are Easy to Buy and Can Hook Kids on Nicotine

    Teen e-sig usage doubles -

    Parents may try electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking. Teens may try them because they think they are safer than regular cigarettes. One electronic cigarette, however, can have as much nicotine as a whole pack of cigarettes. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found cancer-causing chemicals in electronic cigarettes. In a recent article from the American Academy of Pediatrics, a warning was issued to […]

  • Have a Safe Holiday Season with These 10 Tips for Buying Safe Toys

    Have a safe Christmas!

    The holidays are in full swing and your children may already be receiving gifts from friends and family. Some toys may seem harmless but every year many children are injured by their favorite toys. You should be diligent about inspecting your child’s toys and adhere to all age suggestions listed on the packaging. According to the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), between 2009-2011, 1,700 children were admitted to the […]

  • Halloween Safety Alert – Decorative Contact Lenses Can Be Dangerous


    Teens may be eager to buy decorative contact lenses to make a fashion statement or as a Halloween costume accessory, but they may not realize they need a prescription and must be fitted by an eye care professional. A recent article by AAP News  sends a message of caution about wearing decorative contact lenses which is important to share as we approach Halloween. The American Academy of Pediatrics article […]

  • In Case of Emergency: When to Call the Pediatric Center of Round Rock

    sick girl with mom

    At the Pediatric Center of Round Rock, we pride ourselves in being here for you in case of emergency. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM and for existing patients we are open Saturday from 9 AM to noon. To make scheduling easy, you can book your appointment online from our website or you can call us at (512) 733-5437. After Hours Emergencies After […]

  • Recall Alert for MOTRIN® Berry Flavored Infant Drops

    caution tape

    McNeil Consumer Healthcare is voluntarily recalling three lots, at the wholesale and retail levels, of approximately 200,000 bottles of Concentrated MOTRIN® Infants’ Drops Original Berry Flavor 1/2 fl oz that have been distributed nationwide in the United States. This recall is being conducted with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and McNeil is asking retailers to remove the affected lots from store shelves and […]

  • Tips for Parents: What’s the Difference Between a Cold and Sinus Infection?


    Summer will soon be gone and fall weather will bring changes in temperature, molds and ragweed to the environmental. Mix in some back-to-school mingling and you’ll end up with a set of symptoms such as runny nose, cough and fever, which could be caused by a common cold or a more severe sinus infection. How to tell the difference? The July issue of AAP News ( discusses some helpful tips to help parents […]

  • Lawn Mower Safety Tips for Kids


    It is such a common household activity, and yet it can be very dangerous for kids. The July issue of the American Academy of Pediatric News  gives some very important tips and recommendations to prevent injury. In 2010, 17,000 youths under age 19 were treated for lawn mower-related injuries, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Boys with an average age of 11 make up 75% of […]

  • Are You Using the Right Insect Repellent? Tips for Having a Safe, Bug-Free Summer


    Summer is here and as parents prepare to spend more time outdoors, questions about insect repellents come to mind. Fortunately, the American Academy of Pediatrics has answers and advice ready for families to follow. In the most recent issue of AAP News, Dr. Gordon Shutze and Dr. Marc Fischer provide parents with valuable safety information about the most common ingredients found in US insect repellents: Deet (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide) Tops […]

  • Ask Dr. K: What Causes Sleeping Problems in Children and Teens?

    sleeping child

    Question: Why does my child have such a hard time getting to sleep at night? Answer: When children younger than five years have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, doctors call it Behavioral Insomnia of Childhood and it is caused by the lack of limit setting and the creation of behaviors intended to prolong the time awake rather than sleeping. Toddlers start asking for another glass of water, […]