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  • Fun Family-friendly Halloween Events


    Halloween is a day filled with excitement for little tykes. To make this year fun, safe and memorable, take your entire family to one of these Halloween events in the Austin area. Fall Fun Fest Whether your little one is dressed up in superhero garb or donning a lovely jeweled tiara, take a trip to Old Settlers Park for the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Fall Fun Fest […]

  • 10 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on Halloween


    Carving and candy and costumes, oh my! Halloween can strike fear in even the most seasoned parents. Younger kids make you worry about their physical safety–from strangers they might encounter to tainted candy and oncoming cars. As they mature, they face different threats to their security–parties with underage drinking or pressure to get involved in risky pranks or stunts. So, what can you do to keep your kids […]

  • Is Your Teen Getting Enough Sleep? How Obesity Is Linked to Lack of Sleep.


    Which teen is more likely to be overweight: the teen who sleeps 6 hours per night, or the teen who sleeps 9 hours per night? According to a study reported in the September issue of the journal Sleep, the teen who sleeps 6 hours per night is significantly more likely to be overweight or obese. But why? It seems counterintuitive that spending more time in bed would help a teen […]

  • Teach Your Kids The Right Way to Wash Their Hands

    healthy kids

    I’m sure you’re already experiencing runny noses, coughs, and colds that inevitably come with the beginning of the new school year. While our children will undoubtably bring home germs and viruses that will infect the family, it is important to constantly remind our kids the importance of washing their hands and keeping their hands away from their mouth. Please review these hand-washing rules with your children to help […]

  • Dr. K’s List of Healthy Breakfast Foods to Feed Your Child Before School

    Start Your Child's School Day with a Healthy Breakfast

    The word says it all: BREAKFAST means this is the first meal of the day after a night of fasting. Special attention should be paid to this important meal, which many of our kids overlook as unimportant. Some argue the lack of time as the excuse to skip breakfast. Others mention the hectic morning routine, with other chores to attend to, or the early hour they must get […]

  • The BBB Method: Establish Your Newborn Baby’s Sleep Cycle in 3 Simple Steps

    The BBB Method | Pediatric Center of Round Rock

    Parents of newborns often face difficulties when attempting to get a full night of sleep. With the Bed-Breast-Bed Method, also known as “The BBB Method”, parents can experience a full night’s rest with little interruption from their newborn. Helping newborns distinguish daylight hours from evening hours, The BBB Method allows them to fall into the natural circadian rhythm their parents are used to. How The BBB Method Works […]

  • Attention New Parents: Vitamin K Injection May Save Your Baby’s Life

    Vitamin K injections safe for newborns |baby crawling | Pediatric Center of Round Rock

    Controversy surrounds the administration of Vitamin K injections for newborns, and news out of Tennessee that 7 children in the last 8 months have been admitted to Vanderbilt Hospital with brain bleeds caused by a Vitamin K deficiency has health care providers concerned. In the United States, newborns are injected with Vitamin K within 6 hours of birth, per strict protocols and recommendations by the American Academy of […]

  • How to Avoid Latch Problems When Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding is good for your baby. Avoid latch problems with advice from Dr. Kovaric | Pediatric Center of Round Rock

    Research shows that breastfeeding is best for your baby’s brain development, immune system, and digestive health, but most mothers will tell you that the first month of breast feeding is tough (that is, if they still remember those first few sleep deprived weeks after baby is born). Within the first weeks of breastfeeding, how well your baby latches onto your breast may present a challenge. A good latch […]

  • Recommended Immunization Schedules for the New School Year

    Back to School Vaccinations

    Vaccines not only keep your child healthy, they keep other children healthy too. By immunizing your child, you protect other children who may be too young or have certain medical conditions that prevents them from being vaccinated. By immunizing everyone in your family, you are preventing the spread of disease. You should also be aware that your child cannot be admitted to school if they do not have […]

  • Schedule Your Child’s Back-to-School Checkup and Sports Physicals Now!

    Schedule a well child check up today

    Your child’s school or sports team may require a checkup in order to register in July and August for the Fall school year or team sports. Appointment times fill up fast, so schedule a back-to-school checkup today. Call 733-5437 to secure your choice of appointment times and check that off you’re list! Why Should You Schedule a Well-Child Checkup? A well-child checkup is an important part of making […]

  • Is There a Gun in Your Home? One More Question Parents Must Ask

    Dr. Katalenas | Pediatric Center of Round Rock

    During well-check visits I remind children of the responsibility parents have to ask questions about their friends and what is acceptable when visiting at a friend’s house. Children often interpret their parent’s questioning as an intrusion in their life and the life of their friends, especially when dealing with adolescents. Due to the escalating number of guns in the home that are often left unsecured, parents must add […]

  • Family Friendly 4th of July Activities

    4th of July Free Family Fun | Pediatric Center of Round Rock

    It’s that time again for a Fourth of July celebration for the whole family! The city of Round Rock will be hosting events on the 3rd and 4th of July-all free of charge! Get your holiday started early by coming to the Centennial Plaza  just outside the Allen R. Baca Center on Thursday, July 3, for an All American Patriotic Celebration! Performances will kick off at 10 a.m.and […]