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  • Dr. K’s Leftover Turkey Casserole Recipe with a Mexican Twist


    What are you going to do with leftover turkey in your refrigerator this Thanksgiving? Eventually you’ll tire of eating the same turkey sandwiches, day in and day out. I don’t like to waste perfectly good food, especially when so much effort and care went into the preparation of our typical turkey dinner tradition. Every year, after Thanksgiving, I make a very simple casserole that gives turkey meat the […]

  • 5 Thanksgiving Healthy Eating Tips and Recipes

    thanksgiving family meal

    Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season where we give ourselves permission to indulge ourselves with delicious holiday foods, but obviously this mindset will cause weight gain, making us all set our perennial weight loss New Year’s resolutions. Here are 5 Thanksgiving healthy eating tips that will allow you to enjoy classic Thanksgiving recipes without the holiday calorie splurge. Follow These Tips for a Healthier Holiday Take […]

  • New Information About the Flu Vaccine and It’s Effectiveness

    Dr. K Gets Her Flu Shot!

    The Flu vaccine came late to our office this season, but we are now administering the vaccine to patients of all ages. We are offering the injectable flu vaccine and FluMist, the inhalation version for those older than 2 and free of asthma or reactive airway disease. There are two types of influenza vaccines this season: Trivalent and Quadrivalent. While they are both effective, the Quadrivalent vaccine includes […]

  • Flu Vaccinations Guard Against Spread of Virus to Small Children and the Elderly


    Flu season in the United States is a yearly challenge. The contagious Influenza virus, with symptoms that are similar to the common cold, typically spreads throughout the winter season, starting as early as August and ending in May. While there are certain groups of people who have a higher risk of flu, everyone needs a yearly flu shot due to the virus’s ever-changing characteristics and it’s ability to be fatal […]

  • Fun Family-friendly Halloween Events for the Austin Area


    Halloween is a day filled with excitement for little tykes. To make this year fun, safe and memorable, take your entire family to one of these Halloween events in the Austin area. Fall Fun Fest Whether your little one is dressed up in superhero garb or donning a lovely jeweled tiara, take a trip to Old Settlers Park for the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Fall Fun Fest […]

  • 10 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on Halloween


    Carving and candy and costumes, oh my! Halloween can strike fear in even the most seasoned parents. Younger kids make you worry about their physical safety–from strangers they might encounter to tainted candy and oncoming cars. As they mature, they face different threats to their security–parties with underage drinking or pressure to get involved in risky pranks or stunts. So, what can you do to keep your kids […]

  • 5 Tasty Tips Take the “Boo” Out of Sugary Halloween Treats

    Halloween is a favorite holiday for most children, but it can easily turn into sugar overload on a day that’s filled with parties and trick or treating. There is no reason to completely restrict fun foods. They’re fine on special occasions and holidays. You can make some healthy substitutions though, which will help limit your child’s sugar intake and provide some healthier treats for snacking, using the following […]

  • Is Your Teen Getting Enough Sleep? How Obesity Is Linked to Lack of Sleep.


    Which teen is more likely to be overweight: the teen who sleeps 6 hours per night, or the teen who sleeps 9 hours per night? According to a study reported in the September issue of the journal Sleep, the teen who sleeps 6 hours per night is significantly more likely to be overweight or obese. But why? It seems counterintuitive that spending more time in bed would help a teen […]

  • October Resolution: Incorporate Vegetables Into Every Lunch and Dinner

    Vegetables. We need them, we want our kids to eat them, but why is it so hard to serve them? Think back on your meals over the last week. How many were mostly protein and carbs? Sure, there is the token tomato sauce and carrot sticks, but how often do we really put some time into planning the vegetables we’re going to serve for lunch or dinner to […]

  • Teach Your Kids The Right Way to Wash Their Hands

    healthy kids

    I’m sure you’re already experiencing runny noses, coughs, and colds that inevitably come with the beginning of the new school year. While our children will undoubtably bring home germs and viruses that will infect the family, it is important to constantly remind our kids the importance of washing their hands and keeping their hands away from their mouth. Please review these hand-washing rules with your children to help […]

  • How to Combat Childhood Obesity: A Patient’s Testimony

    Obesity is an epidemic that impacts roughly 17% of American children (or 12.7 million) and adolescents aged 2—19 years.[1] Both parents and children need to understand that obesity is a disease that can be overcome through nutrition and physical activity. Although several factors contribute to childhood obesity, one of the most debilitating factors is emotional instability or low self-esteem. Dietary needs also impact whether or not a child […]